04 Feb 2007
Greetings from the battlefield! We have some bad news for you. After our victory in the "1st Independence War", the enemy had started to hire new soldiers for their army. They became more powerfull than ever before.

In a silent and cold night, they have attacked our gates suddenly! We were waiting for their revenge but not like this. They routed us and captured our CEO as a prisoner! We -a little soldiers- have escaped from there.

Now we have burn a camp fire and sending this message via ICI [Indians' Communication Interface (smoke)]. We are trying to start the new independence war. We are promising that we - the choosen (escaped) soldiers - will win this war and save our CEO from the hands of enemy.

The-y w---wwill .... a-a...

10 Dec 2006
Clouds hide the sun, Don't stop, go and run, Maybe we're poor today, But will be rich one day... Nobody give us money, We've financial problems honey, This make our CEO crazy, But Inube gives you blog... (Sorry about this silly poem, the problems make us zombie :)

19 Nov 2006
In the first week, after the beta issue has been started; something bad happenned in the Yeacon office. Our CEO is about to get crazy. And servers are gonna die (because of CEO's blows). He is all asking about "Why nobody rest of me signed up to this website? Where is the money of suitcases? And where are my tobacco pipes?". While he is walking around with his deadly questions; in real, Inube users are increasing. We thanks for all users who supports us. And we sent some troops to kill the people who don't support us :) Thanks anyway. Inube!